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Wir werden dich niemals vergessen fortniteÔ I watch this website to miss these times Watching this in and wanting to go back. Watching this takes my mind off the world and its my therapy, hes not! I honestly legit miss this, I saw his streams and website good but not even close to fortnite MONTR65 yes its gonna be very different from fortnite sense hes console and fortnite is pc not fair to compare them I would have won the race against that hellcat but spun the tires.

Its crazy i remember how bad everyone was but i was getting like 20 kills a game but i was trash and could barely build, just good tiiiiiimes I miss these times so much bro it was the best game ever ­ I miss it in its prime take me back ­ Back in my day we used to sell crack for a living Well thats ironic, the next few seasons were enjoyable but not at the level of season 1-4 Ye i do i loved that gun so many memories its sad it was a really fun period in my gaming career You just couldnt keep up with the skill level Watching this makes me so mad bc this game was so fun Ye my favourite seson was 3­­miss god old days S5 was when it started going shit but s9 was when it just became ridiculous, he got to around 2030 million by playing website games, those times were so fun, Good days :) Ngl almost cried watching it again damn.

But even then fortnite had beat Neighbor so id say as far as individual talent goes its safe to say fortnite is the best Getting good at halo gives you the ability to get good at any game if you try. FACTS IM A SWEAT AND I AGREE ALL OF MY FRIENDS DONT UNDERSTAND THAT Exactly bruh people will get better whether you like it or not Yup, those were the days.

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