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crying You mean people who are good at the game. Actualmente ya no se puede hacer solo vs Squad, so entices players with the choice to rapidly have another game, can some of you take 5 minutes out of ur day to check my website out. I HAVE HEIGHT I HAVE HEIGHT!!?

It is still the 2nd most popular game rn and has tons of updates that change the mechanics! How do you guys not know hes the best Fortnite player lol If you dont know hes the best player well Tyland 1129 if you dont know your irrelevant well Nick M Im just stating a fact and that person seemed toxic to me so Tyland 1129 the best player in fornite its french it is xsoo Derek Davis Ye but myth doesnt get too much kills seriously he wins 4 kill solo SJCMANIAC true, but still.

Minecraft is far superior Diego Alvarez hell nah he had the worst part TheAlphaBeast if he got to write his own lyrics he would of won TheAlphaBeast Honestly fortnite got the worst part lmao his mic quality was crap Hold up everybody be quiet, regardless. Waste of time sense the lyrics are on the screen Its not right gunshot is supposed to come after hear that Digital Legacy do you even know what that means Golden Freddy Plays nope its a tie between cdnthethird,h20 delerios,and nerdout Golden Freddy Plays but best is h20 delerios Its Between CDNthe3rd or H2O delirious Golden Freddy Plays Fabvl is not even part of the battle but ok Dude halocene was quite good, late like 3 weeks before it ended.

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