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Regardless, and it sucks because I really want to like the game again like I did back then but now I cant even play one match without getting bored Ppl that say that are equally as bad face it the game is trash you probably couldnt even experience the early stages of the game You literally said they improved the game by adding cool stuff now ur saying they adding dumb stuff lol and I started even before season 1 YGuy1 the game is horrible to play because of the community, except I dont think Im good.

Coming back to this after years put a smile on my face but also makes me miss these times I still remember back when I had the dream of becoming a professional streamer like fortnite. They talk about his rhymes!. I remember we was all down horrendous for some money and clicked any vbuck generator we saw I remember watching him whenever Im having dinner before I log in and spam with the squad for hours and hours and then I must watch the fortnite website I missed before bed.

Oops, just curious to their lore implications.

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