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No it doesnt, where building didnt matter. The core mechanics have always stayed the same. Make yourself and your kid acquainted with the games settings and, the reason i stopped watching fortnite was because he became family friendly When bolts had drop off damage on body shots The game was such a good game until fortnite changed his name then the game just went down I miss these times, dont want the enemies seein me when Im hiding.

Shroud- Ok There was way more drop on the bolt back then He wouldnt have 23 of his kills if he got no RPG He probably wouldnt have that much kills if he didnt have an rpg (miss old fortnite) Cant believe how much this game has changed. We need a more updated version of this Like if u agree My favorite was dark and fabvl there was pretty cool The boys at my school are singing this for the talent show Who listens to this song remembering good times Because its and everyone is a sweat 3:40 toxic fortnite came out lol.

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