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I actually like both games. I put up a fight but I have to admit I stood no chance. Come back after three years my fav songg This is actually worse than jake Pauls songs Its fun to sing it i even know it with out singing with it Me I heard this something like 86 times Carson Delancey me I listened to this much times SPITZFIRE22 u face is worse then jake Paul and this song and this is not bad I LOVE FORTNIT3!!!!!!!!!.

H2Os part is still my favorite too. I suck so bad at shooting games i hid like the whole game and somehow got last kill I play better than this fortnite noob. trust me Lightmare X learning to play a game on console, bet youve never heard of that before, Hamlinz? The memories are flowing in This is by far the most viewed fortnite gameplay on website This brings back old memories I am watching all fortnite website and I remember how happy I was when he used to post back in season 2 and 3, never see me spying, until u added the long ass thank-you speech about a few likes on ur comment, i couldve wiped this tilted by myself lol, (not to brag but Im rocking a 0, i remember when i used to play with the boys and have dun?

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