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You here cuz you comparing the views now to past Who remembers when Fortnite was good Anyone here after he moved to mixer This was the time no toxic 9 yr olds were on the game I dont play anymore but Im using my acc to watch vids not post POV: u was too poor to play og fornite The fucking grey pump did 220 damage and in ch2 it is 92 wowwwwwwwwwwwww epic wooooooww Any buttery see the part when he 220 pumped a kid Risky reels trying to search 7 chests challenge 2:36 the grey pump was literally a gold pump Back when fortnite was his true self and fortnite was good Imagine that fortnite will go back to season 23 now.

But I do like everyone in this song. H20 2. It was so much more different back then. Es bueno, I am having a lot more fun again. I guess its nostalgic though?

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