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It brought back so many memories Thats what I call the good old days I dont think I can even name a game that topped fn prime I miss these times so much especially the early seasons of fortnite We should have appreciated these times way more I love watching fortnite og website it just better than this current stage of fn He got more kills in 1 game than I have on my entire account Ah the sound of opening chests and land at tilted. I quited at the end of season 4, when I didnt know what the game fortnite battle royale was, its easy to go back to these times because it reminds us how special it really was.

We miss the old fortnite the old fortnite and the good ol days That time fortnite was the best Fortnite player and everyone accept itš Creative didnt kill the game. fortnite 2. Netj might be best ps4 but he wouldnt compare to myth or fortnite Omg Its Carlos That really isnt the case, used to play with my boys everyday, esse jogo era perfeito.

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