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Fortnite is a fun game but most of the people who play it are try hards which is really annoying I just want to play and have fun but now its just too much True the new map is not even that nice and theyre adding and vaulting too many weapons They added a shotgun called level action shotgun and removed pump shotgun. but it was also a totally different game.

Starting of the game has 97 dudes an when first circle closes in there are only 30 people left Were just saying that people are getting way more sweaty Yeahhhh !!!! Those days where it was a actually fun for casual players where there no soccer skins, now its dead ­ Its far from dead, then you really just gave them a bad name and reputation! Dayum he has a laugh of a legend­ H2ODelirious.

Its like he floats across the map on a magic carpet built of wood.

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