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It will probs run on max settings on android tbh lmao Fortnite Mobile isnt that bad, Im here on a history field trip. I got the victory royale in my 2nd try. ­ Never thought Id hear delirious seriously rap O_o I just played this in front of my dad and hes jammin frfr Come back after 3 years still know the lyrics I rarely play fortnite but this gives me nostalgia.

I thought i was the only one who wishes to go back to this time in life but ig its good to see im not the only one:(( Reason I stopped is that I was a controller player with skill but not enough compared to the pcs.

Skipping to fortnite verse like how we skip to the rocks verse like: The thing about them describing all different players in fortnite Ch 3 is here and its been 3 chapters since i started Welp even tho I do not have the game when I was young I was in the fandom Its crazy how they got fortnite on this shit To think we are about to go to chapter 3. Seeing through the edits. Mi m├ximo 19 :v id: LucasPollo0666 v: Pasen su nombre para jugar.

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