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Otomatik ger√ekten rezil bir silah Fatih Kaya the best sniper is the bolt the other ones are weak asf Fatih Kaya Not enough time or it was an automatic Fatih Kaya I hate getting into games with randoms and people playing like you no offence Cause who the hell wants a semi auto sniper Stop hating on greatness bud there are always shitters the first few kills especially in tilted towers fortnite you should donate to et940han hes a good person hes tryna buy a pc if you see this pls donate Jesus Christ Saves Jesus Christ, im in fucking tears 3, killed the guy attacking the other guy then killed the dude with low hp with my burst, and the game is fun now.

Nostalgic music we all will remember. But overall fortnite is better fortnite doesnt commentate much tho Im noticing Donnacha O Sullivan Im better than Ali a and thats saying a lot Donnacha O Sullivan he aint better than Daequan tho Alia would destroy fortnite and myth in solo duos easily Test Monkey fortnite main platform of communication is on twitch, so I dont understand why some of the people are being sore losers over some people who are just better than them.

I dont think people unironiclly like this Henrik persom the like button begs to differ I ironically like this garbage. Would be great to see more old POIs come back. Back when fortnite head wasnt a cotton candy fortnite is the better Player of the story.

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