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This song so much better than a kid singing one shot I will show this to my kids in 15 years say this right here is every boys chidlhood in my generation Come i forgot about this i love fishys Franz Loyd Martin I love yungblood and happier And sorry for bad spelling Whahahahhahahahha This must have taken all day to write lol Wick you just wasted all your time typing that mean while the lyrics are on the website Wick cdnthe3rd you trying to hard Boy When you dont notice that he copied and pasted it Man coming back and listening to this sheds a tear Nearly 6 years and i cant believe i listened to this classic fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

The OGs will rise again one day There not ready for my magnum shlomger You seem to be the only one who doesnt get it. Oof salty nerds in this comment section Who doesnt lmao makes you feel more involved and focused Luca 1893 aye thats how it be sometimes u get so immerse into the game that you start doing that lmao I remember coming home from school and excited to play dous with my friend Dude. Elliott CJ bro, and you wrote something like Fun fact: You didnt search for this Im pretty sure that was the original comment and ur just trolling Frost_I its just 1k likes and you obviously said who else got this in there recommended or like if you live old fortnite ur a like begger and its only 1k likes Lmao Chr Gav read my comment again (i felt like) People are so stupid but fast to comment Chr Gav he means that the people in the server were teaming up and trying to kill fortnite, dammmmmmnnn Its like different song.

anglemelly 8. Dio Fabuuulouss je sais plus mais je me souviens dun drama dans un tournoi esport une team avais pris un truc qui te rend plus ractif donc jsp Cest la drogue qui fais le niveau à a les gars م ب ب ب م م Minchia basta,non è chat per terroristi WHAT y i know right, and well! Everyone does that its not even funny The sounds the animations the websiters playing it and many other things Season 5 was different bro you should of played back in season 2 Bro I played it but my parents took my pc from me and so I didnt really experience season 2 I know I just miss this game so much Only the OGs will remember the animation when the enemys died Imagine if this had been a full lobby game 0.

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