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Hes soo much better always will be too. just like me נננ 8:06-8:21 How hes not impressed of his 200 Meter sniper shots These days we dont really have a fortnite for our Fortnite but weve got hundreds of looped ones Cant believe the game was like this 3 years ago. Even my sins are not that intense. Like I said spanish was my first language and I didnt start learning english long ago.

Yeah Dude I started day 1 when nobody knew how to build and it was just a foot game with those few ppl doing the sky base and myth was king of build battles I was here a couple days before season 1. I agree H20 and cdnThe3rd is my faviourites the 3rd fav is Holocene, lol Matteo Marchetti Im not a noob like u MokeyMan0087 PS4 Gaming lmao all you play is Gta 5, there is a fine line skill cap.

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