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I personally never found the game getting boring, like Minecraft has. 1 star apartment with free wifi Mate its a celebration this is my 101 time listening to this I remember my friends talking about this song in school If your coming back after 3 years you are a true gamer fortnite dances on top of us but when we do we get banned Anyone here to see if anyone remembers and misses old fortnite Everybodys building ramps thats useless sweats: AM I A JOKE TO YOU Lets be honest, its over 9000!!!, the graphics just gives me so much memories Im crying from the memories ­ I wish I can go back and live this time again, for real tho, SLAY QUEEN SLAAAAAYYY The Good ol Fortnite days when Fortnite didnt became toxic?

This was fortnite best times. Got inspired to play the game and I altf4ed after 15 minutes I was actually one of the people he killed and remember saying this guy is good. lool your progression in this game is outstanding Bro !!.

Nikola Zlatkow ikr, lets hope well play the real Fortnite again fortnite was so funny back in the day the day he became family friendly he became so serious and just wasnt fun Gotta love the 200 pump from the gray pump When the game was actually good­­ Im crying, he said Fortnite has no new updates which is false I cant believe youre defending this game When was the last time yall played this game Wait theres no storyline!!. (I played during season 4 chapter 1) I dont even play fortnite but wanted it so bad idk how to download Play 1 round bruv lets see u get victory royale­ But this fortnite is never coming back people are too good A back in the day game, its just too good for a rap!!, the good ol days.

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