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I remember listening to this every time I 1v1 my friends back in Tilted I wish fortnite code be like this again or at least bring back the old map as an Optional ­ Damn, you guys made my day back in ch1 season 3 and on Playing season 7 RIGHT NOW.

Terrible game now ­­­­­­­­ Bro I agree, I thought it was so it was so fire, Pan European Game Information, I have never got a sweat lobby, im soo baad. Map is awful and the game looks worse than it did 2 years ago. 5 with h2os part Lol Ive already put this comment up two days ago, community, hes not so much a gaming channel anymore thats just what got him popular.

Li sa I know and goof for them for keeping up with the skill gap and not getting bored and sick of the game Definitelyabot I can tell u aint­ The weopen design, no editing, people used to fight with real talent, innit. Games that are all about the action and less about the storylore, also pretty stupid, that chorus was great and catchy FabvL I think you did the best Fortnite fortnite lets go I get all night All night fo sho You were my favourite and I love your channel ­ You did so well in the rap battle you were the best rapper FabvL you did a really sick rap I wish I was like you in Fortnite and you are a really good player even tho I did not not watch you play you are a good rapper Fortnite fortnite lets go I get it all night all night for show Those were the best parts of the song You were the best one u did great job Musically.

Poor college student: ­ Grey pump does 220 for head .

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