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a lot of og players like me are getting older and we want to play the game like we used to but we aint got 3 and 4 seasons to wait, yeah Im deadly with the squeeze.

While there are still 14 million people following him on Twitch! Now, I think u mean half a decade Facts like we only feel emotion when we get 20 bombs Cowel Benja: well yeah nowadays because everybody is a bot I drop 13 kills usually without try Harding its actually sad YOU STOLE A COMMENT, i just wish fortnite would go back to this man, there are 15 different ones all completely different, brang up so much memories when i was playing with my friends and we won we played trhe song, only real legends remember.

and the 100 are fake. It was boring and sweaty af. These look similar, landing dusty, except I still play because I cant give up on the game Lil Per I started playing fortnite in elementary now Im in high school­ Literally 2 years ago, fun to watch.

Im now in grade 12 today­ POV your watching this in and feel nostalgic!

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