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Criticize me all you want but I will have never have so much fun out of a website game more than fornite in my entire lifetime. even get that with a purple oneš Actually they needed all shotguns so bad so the purple was actually better than the blue Hi watching in.

Now it feels like you have to his 150 with shotguns if you want to survive. The game can be extremely engrossing, btw I know how to sing this Pixellated Toxic I was just trying to help bro This came long ago you shouldve have come before š This is days when we didnt know Black night was weird rare Fortnite season 0-4 will be my peak gaming enjoyment Best bar: āmats triple nine mate bye mate wish you could see the look on my faceā This song is sht I cannot believe I use to watch this as a kid Okay dont say that that was rude but pls dont do it Tig re that was rude and pls dont do that I mean Was smiling throughout the whole vid, GTA undĀ  Among us āļøliebe GrĆĆe sarah Nope I didnt even know this was his most popular Actually it was my recomendatiion and idk how i came to ur comment No one asked for your hate and opinion bro Ahh sorry mate you my friend are not the most liked comment Og fortnite was just too good man.

Good times. Now he just gets killed and always thinks its a stream sniper.

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