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They had such a great game and the only thing that ruined it was their constant addition of worse and worse concepts. IREKi Its grammatically correct to write âI am Spanishâ Obey Ezaf Im hella confused of who your beef is with bro.

Stephen Viner Cause hes facing against a whole fucking squads you cant just use a shotgun in a 4v1. To be exact. 500SubsWithNo website facts tho agah 500SubsWithNo website wow what a sad life ğ 500SubsWithNo website oh god 10 year old snorting gfuel ğ Ikr chillin seson 2 simple days i stoped playin bc lost my account fells bad man Ye when the game was actually good :( 500SubsWithNo website so true now all this game is full of try hardship like I am just trying to have fun 500SubsWithNo website and look at how many views this has and look at the other website I miss the days before this game existed.

all the big streamers left which caused a good amount of that players to leave.

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