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Cant believe its been 4 years when we were all just kids enjoying ourselves playing Fortnite Loved making the website for this, like if u were here also The Last 2 Part of raps are awesome that uninstall rap who sang that fortnite Came out last like eminem in did forever Thank you now i can memorize it :D real help. Now its fortday its so bright compared to what it used to look like Exactly, i understand that there is lots of toxic people in the community but if people didnt try the game would be shit But not everyone was a sweat in season 5, thats confusing me Carts could not have been driven back then only pushed by the avatar you are controlling, these were the times?

Caden Caden so true. and I never will. Amazing times actually. Ur literally making no sense and coming up with bs comebacks that in no way relate to any of the subjects anyone is talking about I think its clear who the 7 yr old is๐๐ Oblivious Duck all those shity new tryhards commenting here of no reason when me and my boys vibin with fortnite old website Saikyk yes you have the right to state your opinion and you shouldnt get insults. XBUZZ 29 Im with yaSeason 1 Day one is when I started bro, I hope old fortnite coms back ๐ Fortnite made fortnite and fortnite made fortnite ๐ I miss these times ๐ i played controller and im so good but i feel like they have ruined everything, were talking about twitch.

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