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I deleted it completely man if they released the patch or whatever from season 2 3 4 idc but in its prime im pretty sure they will get so many more plays then they do now Nah cause im pretty sure the building was different back then of course a lot has changed they had like a fatigue where you couldnt build as fast im pretty sure if i remember correctly so i think itd actually be a good patch for sweats Yup but sweats are the only reason this game is still alive if they brought it back to the first 5 seasons you guys would come back on for a couple days because of nostalgia then get back off and the ‚sweats would be playing a realistically worse version of the game they currently play for a whole season minimum It does hit different?

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they gotta stop complaining. TheFakeBrain 133 in my opiniom is dakotaz ––—–– why did you remind meū The nostalgia of playing without tryhards and i feel that too. The game can still be run on Mac Air.

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