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Really starting to hit me how much fun this game was to me fortnite before was really energetic back then on fortnite, like. its the best to be honest Who likes the original more than the second ­­ My boi delirious rapping ­­­­­­­­­ GOOD OLD DAYS WHEN FORTNITE WAS FUN I MISS THOSE DAYS Memories. Also I already stopped playing. 3 years later Fortnite removed every nostalgic sounds from us ­ The best game in the world at one point helped make fortnite the top streamer and gaming websiter at the time, use a calculator and you will see, I wish my pc could run fortnite, thanks Sergio Delano wish the old map was back Extraterrestrial Horse imagine that trying not to swear This was a great comment and I agree Sergio Delano no problem man this deserves a like­­ Sergio Delano thanks for the life story I didnt ask for Eric Dittlau yea you have to capitalize PRO Season 9 I quit Fortnite for plants vs zombies I agree with you 100 percent man I miss the old fortnite 2k20 is literally the worst sports game ever Season 7 was my favorite season!

Dhairya Ailani Guillermo olalde is a weird name or what Dont get me started people in chapter 2 you sweat so hard to win a build battle Brown sugar Myth said he doesnt want to be in it :( brown sugar They should also add cizzorz tbrnfangs(preston playz) and Ali A Squiddle feelsbadman you so lucky 37 likes 1 day me 0 5 months That is the person that runs the channel fortnite is the best raper you are cool man LnG Tyler I think CDN or the first girl CDN was cringe and the girl was awful.

I dedicated my life to this delicate craft, the community has become so young that no one likes it anyone Diego Botana wait one year then Im 11 My comment no longer makes sense since you changed the comment B-Ball Bests its the older dudes too STREAM, building cover aspect of the game.

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