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Please Dont bother or reply to me again. SMH my fortnite it doesnt I felt like it been 4 or 5 years Feels like its been 5 and 1 year at the same time I watched this gameplay when it was some minutes or hours old­­ Ur channel was created 2 years ago and this was uploaded 3 years ago so u must have been on a diff account or ur capping Carson stink it feels like 3 years ago I got hella sad because I remembered that were never getting this time of Fortnite back Im not sure why those times were the most memorable to all people.

Fortnite is getting more fun to watch!!. I watched this first then trashy 2nd it was a maintain of cringe so i had to rewhwatch cause locked in cringe Yup. Hell they could make it seem like its all a replay then make the metor miss as a plot twist or some shit The storyline is falling to bits this season is the worst ever and players and streamers are leaving everyday hashtag ripfortnite the change cannot wait till June they need to try and save this game now Exactly but the sweats never leave the game:( Fortnite Trolls i have seen no one team up in solos Some guy tried to team with me once.

Dont just accuse me of not playing in season 2 when you have no idea! Bro fr­ this brings back a lot of memories Fr man I come back and listen to this every couples month Ah, I wanna go back to this scene Damn this song so good it made me nostalgic about THIS game NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN NEVER GONNA TURN YOU DOWN His part made me wanna die.

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