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Pretty sad to waste that time on this game This brings back memories Damm I miss old fortnite btw who else finds him hitting his keys satisfying 2:36 220 headshot with common pump. Only 83 people at start of the game. you dont know anything about me people in my family died of cancer and i hate it when people joke of it Understandable! H2O Delirious on a song oh my god his verse was perfect ­ but as well to everyone else amazing job JT Music AYYY BOI IMA RESPOND FISRT GOT EM ALSO LOVE YOU The lyrics is written not by them its from the other guys except for ceez JT Music Lmao AngelMelly is not a pro­­ Pinoys copy yea CDNThe3rd say he wrote his own lyrics.

And im upset that i didnt bought Renegade Raider.

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