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NerdOut. Also, however battle royales and games like overwatch it would be pc for sure I wouldnt say the best player because you still have dakotaz CDN and spacelyon Tyland 1129 what about myth his building skills can save his life The best player is lolito?

Good but there are better David c. British people are also known as being english ENGLISH. 5 was better fortnite he says i boogie with my feet then i boogie with my hands it means hes moving his hands around his mouse shooting people. And tbh I didnt like the fact its a fortnite song but its very catchy and my two favorites in this are H20 (cause Ive been watching him for years) and Fabvl because god damn is that a good chorus its so fucking catchy Halocene SO GOOD I cant Believe its been nine months the game is not fun anymore Fabvl killing it!!!.

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