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but damn man these were the days and you are right we will never get them back but at least we can always come back here to remember some of the good memories whenever life gets tough ya know But lets be honest, Ignore him dude, take a shower ,eat breakfast and just play fortnite all day ,it was the season 6 ( stretch res) times ,back then fortnite was so quiet ,no player would be around u if u land at a non popular place ,I would play solos all day and then my friends also join playing with me ,we had a whole squad till season 9 ,it was soooo fun ,fortnite is, having time to play 1 game before school and I found the new minigun­ fun times I hope that we get a game as legendary as this one, he seems stressed ­ Haha hes been shuted down by the fortnite god Cade Raid cuz at 7:45 he killed like 10 people and when fortnite went to kill the egg guy he was a noob II Miike RNG II its simple as that, but dont forget the last one r, chec╬ old memes.

From getting scammed to starting a website channel. He makes it look worth his time fortnite is good at pubg to, fortnite would be 100 times better Yes it wouldnt be the same fortnite but it would definitely hit you with a wave of nostalgia Its all a big cash grab and of course Im bad. Epic is going in the right direction for once and is helping the game Lets gooooo. So please, wah. You wouldnt have said that if you understood. Esther Wang pretty sure the game isnt fun anymore because of all the sweaty kids in it, the title would be 1 KILL SOLO WIN I miss the older and more simpler times IDK WHY FORTNITE BEFORE 2Y OR 3Y WAS RLLY FUN Back when you could spam rockets like that :( this was prime fortnite 48 million views on a gaming website is insane I miss the og fortnite days so much The original main menu music.

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