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Bro havent heard this in a long time but legit just said this to myselfÔ looked down and saw the first comment­­ Life is begining to be great with fortnite chapter 3 U know its just sad to watch this now in :( Honestly its just turned sad because of the 3rd map change I be listening To this song for 4 years omg I agree especially looking it from now these were some of my greatest memories Ya I remember most of the words to this day Its like we were all telepathically summoned back lmao Toxic community, fortnite had more influence in the world than Queen Elizabeth Me seeing this in and remembering those old good times when u where talking with ur friends at school about the new season damn if i could go back time i will Honestly this was probably during some of the best moments of my life, wolves, this looks sooooo old, its just the community that kills it I miss those old fortnite times like season 1,2,3,4, this is actually sad compared to other website with more views from other years This website got me started with fortnite one year ago and here I am 1 year later(week 4 Season 7) bringing back old memories just by watching this website Marksman can get 20 kills you only got 19, its weird hearing him without the effects on his voice : WOAH fortnite!!, if he dies its cause of a troll.

Romans 6:23 4. Zakkary Keith nah its way better, its like they try to win dude. To the good old days So many memories how could they mess this up This vid made me realize i need to appreciate my time right now because time flys and nostalgia hits harder than a truck The good old Times we all Miss them. Its like minecraft music when youre playing on your on after like 5 years a go when you played with friends I REMBER LISTENING TO THIS WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT, but sad at the same time thinking that its already been 3 years, eu joguei na 1Ôtemporada do cap├tulo 1 e sei como ├ isso.

The reason the game isnt fun now is because the map is terrible, lets hope well play the real Fortnite again fortnite was so funny back in the day the day he became family friendly he became so serious and just wasnt fun Gotta love the 200 pump from the gray pump When the game was actually good­­ Im crying, Fortnite Battle Royale, and you can bind it as you wish.

Theexpendable 859 or probably J E S U S Theexpendable 859 no I disliked because only kids who dont play sports or do anything like this song I actually disliked this because its a bad song but oh well I just a salty pubg player Manuel Hernandez nope pubg is a copy of h1z1 because first fortnite was supposed to be a zombie survival to build bases and survive (2011) then they made battle royale mode because the zombie mode was not that famous so they rebooted the zombie mode in the new fortnite, one to rival.

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