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BOGAMI Sometimes I say some words from this song and then I get nostalgic THIS IS WHEN FORNITE WAS ACTUALLY FUN Came to this song when I was 10 now Im back to listen to this memory at age 14 Still remember the lyrics. 10 people in solo tho. always happy to see you upload man. For example, get ur damn facts straight :c I miss al the good landmarks :C If u think about Rajke NO.

25x speed is the best Fortnite is a shit game end of story Mol Ester mate people have different opinions so dont start a war about pubg and fortnite Mol Ester your shit(hears a bunch if daaaamns in the background) VesperLeopard47 you can see this guy is obviously a pub g player and salty that fortnite took over Mikaiver not true my brother plays pubg and fortnite and he it Ya know, esse jogo era perfeito, so good time but until Everybody started to try hard and the game got boring Only ogs remember when this game had no turbo building CDNthe3rd has the best lyrics but the best voice fabvl Shouldve got myth as the builder but was still dope tho All Delirious family we all know who won the rap?

I remember everyone in my class wouldnt stop singing this I remember when I first heard this elite good old times Remember when getting a win was super exciting Fire asf I remember the first day this came out Im proud that i still know every word to this song и .

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