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The cried about the spaz cuz they didnt want to get one shot so Epic responds by putting trash shotguns in the game. This is on my recommended and it makes me sad that this is gone. d-dont f-feel so good. NerdOut. 3 years and me and my mates still sing along to this Dam bro time flys its been over 3 years since Ive heard this and this is when fortnite hit its true peak its not the same anymore I heard this three years ago and I still remember till this day I still know all the lyrics after 3 years, yes there were toxic people but not as much as when people because sweats in creativeplaygrounds.

Im from the future Also when all u get is grey infantry rifles as ur only guns but the enemy gets a pump and a scar Zentix well good thing planes are vaulted now Yup haha .

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