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P wailing R. Fortnite is hated by nearly everyone Oh how a game can ruin itselfū Objetivo:encontrar un comentario de hace 2 a√os Obst√culo:38k comentarios Whos watching in it brings back so many memories In reccomended i miss those fn seasons Kinda ironic an og turned into a fort kid I love how his nostalgia is less about the game but more nostalgic when he actually had friends that liked him The community contributed heavily to Fortnites drop in popularity?

I STILL KNOW THE LYRICS Me when i got my first dub in season 2 I play this on groovy (discord) and I always start dying laughing ū Spent the whole summer 1718 Learning this song. Life was good, everyone is always like ‚the game trash‚ no tf it aint u just dodo at the game LWD Paragons thats wrong, now Im watching 3 years later and the nostalgia came back. Bwahahaha DeliriousNation This weird when people see a famous website they a span comment but they didnt dont worry Im fan Halocene that was cool u just activated my trap card.

The choreography is possibly the most beautiful sight ever beheld by the human eye. I forget how smart Fortnite is sometimes.

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