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fortnite was so ahead of his time This keeps coming up on my recommendations. I would roast you for saying that but my mom told i cant burn trash.

season 5 ws when paradise was introduced. But idk I just see fortnite as the same old game from season 5, the sound of the missile being put into the rocket is so good Yeah. You get badgood players on every platform. I play daily and love this game and see a lot of potential for the future I dont think thats gonna happen. If it was a tac it would do 40 on the arm Pumps used to do 30 in the head for me now it went down to 22 I believe Ill never forget the old jonesy Now when you hit someone for 30 they build a 10 star hotel with a pool lmao Idk about you but the henchmen aim for me is absolute shit i could be standing still at the agency and my only real threats are midas and the mingun henchmen just land on a chest and ur good lol the henchmen just stand still while you can laser them and build with brick and theyre gonna have a hard time fighting back especially midas?

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