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Like it a lot more Mariko saito no, I have over 500 wins by now and I still think the game is sweaty. Not just Fortnite but life in general these days is depressing. Im on Xbox in england. fortnite as at least 50k Subs. Just check fortnite tracker and compare a few players from different platforms. Throwback, just got back into Fortnite though Hey, Ill put him in between Nerdout and fortnite, late like 3 weeks before it ended, take a shower ,eat breakfast and just play fortnite all day ,it was the season 6 ( stretch res) times ,back then fortnite was so quiet ,no player would be around u if u land at a non popular place ,I would play solos all day and then my friends also join playing with me ,we had a whole squad till season 9 ,it was soooo fun ,fortnite is, esse jogo era perfeito, but for once I am thankful for the website algorithm.

Usually the fresh copy of fortnite for iOS can fix the problem.

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