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I personally never found the game getting boring, a better quality one I think so thats sort of his voice in real life Hes using a better mic. ToastyBanana96 he was second for me DK was the best in my opinion ToastyBanana96 ceez was realistically the best the others in the rap would admit it he used to freestyle and shit back in his day, it got buffed after a while The twitch chat went INSANE I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT Its crazy how this was more than 4 years ago And I can barely figure out how to jump Hey mann im crying.

Existing for people to reflect back on. I just play it so I can pass my time. Rafael L√pez pues que bueno que no pele√ con tigo JAJAJA Ulises Ramirez d√jalo man? Delirious is the best, what is ur problem dude Get outta here with your weird anime Mako.

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