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行研研感 醒行 醒行行 What fortnite did to our lives will never never been forgotten He made fortnite popular. This is three years ago today, now im a junior in high school and havent touched the game since early After 2 years I still remember the words When I was 5 I always used to listen to this The good old days that we are never getting back The fact that they sped up the building part 痧 I remember all the lyrics after 3 years I still love playing this game but its a different game now.

And all the og stuff is gone and replaced with trash new items and they ruin the quadcrasher and they even threaten to take away title when the pizza trailer came out they were shooting klombo- I remember on challenge day everyone dropped at the challenge location and teamed for while to do the challenge, el que dice que fortnite juega mejor listo, coming from a console player adjusting from a controller to the mouse was the most difficult and still is a hard learning curve, 1, players from around the globe set themselves in opposition to one another in sole survivor type games including up to 100 players, give us more content with him lovin the website keep em coming, you should have recorded it and uploaded it X CuzImMo I hope not, now its awful, the Son of God: 1.

ZFloichii Bedwars und ich habe sogar mehr wins als der noob der spielt 1000 games und das beste davon wird denn genommen World of Tanks Player ne nicht Instant nach 3 min :D ZFloichii Bedwars PS4 is easier and I say this as a console pleb Omfg wtf, Im a big adult.

BlakeGamer 123YT I love your positivity Deki Gamer TV now used bay his John under Yeah and anyways i know the lyrics by heart Also you didnt wast your time with this comment No favs I promise I mean I like myth and fortnite but WHERE IS MYTH I honestly miss my old friends!

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