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Getting exited over a gold scar. Now I dont know whats real anymore. And awesome work Nerdout H20 delirious is the best When fortnite was good Holy shit, fortnite isnt a bad game. Pinoy Gaming H20 THE DELIRIOUS IS SOOOO AMAZING RyanN 12202 I like fortnite bit better No its not I opened it yesterday for the first time in 6 months and the game is not the good fortnite not the fortnite everyone loved Its a fact ask any person who played fortnite from season 1-4 Ive been playing since S3 and I still love the game I mean fortnite was only good because he didnt use auto tune while rapping, but sad at the same time thinking that its already been 3 years?

Back when fortnite didnt like like a sick vampirick ghost from lack of sunlight REAL REASON HE WON : the guy dropped his macaroni Also, why did you have to change all of this, Im a big adult.

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