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(sometimes but so rare i play with friends on computer) We could still have this enjoyment without ppl like you Idk man I miss Kylix highlights from chap2 season 2 Ill do anything to get these times back Basically back then fortnite was not a sweat fest and it was awesome to win a match and have fun and troll people but now its a SWEATFEST and everytime you wanna have fun a soccer skin or superhero skin comes outta nowhere and wrecks you, but ps4 is more difficult Yes, I know but even when he uses his good mic he still doesnt sing that great.

We also miss that a shotgun makes damage :P Old fortnite was a legend, give me your name. Ive only got one win too dont feel to bad!!. Bro i miss the old days i still know all the words Litterly the same this was such a hit couple years agoš Same especially CDN Delirious Dakotaz and fortnite I think season 8 was great.

I didnt steal no one else comment i only typed my fortnite experience Teathloac M. POV:YOU WATCH THIS TO REMIND THE OG GOOD DAYS ā The time when a gray pumps shot gun gave 220 damage for 1 headshot ā While me just shooting the orange pump and giving people 209 damage on the head.

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