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Hope Newman New guy in fortnite Hope Newman look at the time it was made Hope Newman yes it is he was playing in season 2 Chill Vids no they are both better in different ways Chill Vids myth is better at building and fortnite is better at killing You just know American players, because of nostalgia. The reason the game isnt fun now is because the map is terrible, I miss this era of fortnite soooo much Ah the good old times where solo squad was actually playable Me when I get 10 kills: LETS GOOO!!!!!, its not bad if u manage ur time King of the Trap Halocene was the worst imo My favorite is between ceez or fabvl Gregory Rosa you obviously didnt watch the website fortnite sucks at rapping ceez best bars no competition Gregory Rosa lmao they arent tilted, fortnite streams are 23 of the time him grinding immortal valorant But he himself said he is grinding lol as mains Ur right tbh lmao recently he has been playing lol a lot FabvL I am really glad you did the chorus for this song!

­­ Alan Gajewski oh man i swear it need more humans like you on the earth. i miss those times All fortnite players are mostly kids fortnite owned the whole world when this song dropped The memories I get when I listen to this song I miss these days I remember Loving deliriouss part in this the best and it still is the best. They teached me a lot. I remember when u got a scar and u used to be so excited and u were like yeh its game over for everyone Only og players remember being killed by fortniteHyper Looking back at this even i could beat fortnite and i dont play the game anymore 17:53 when your mom sees a spider­ If they didnt add turbo building and confirm edit on release, the real fortnite is always toxic and always will be, like bruh after a month of nothing new youll get bored and quit, and finished 2nd and 6th in the solo one :3 Cool game, look at the name at the bottom Fabvl was the one like Im the king and you know me Nick Hunter because hes not in the votes, aura.

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