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I remember watching a stream by Dakotaz and he was talking about the lyrics hed use before it was uploaded. jeez Season 3 was my favorite season. CALM Everyone who has default skin are kids and they are bad so dont use the default skin or dance if ur gud I am shit at fortnite, speaking of eating chips. I came in second place and woke my whole house up I was so excited.

Well right now Minecraft is doing take the L on fortnite grave So Im season 2 anyone here too because the game is shit now Christmas or Christmas Eve anyone like if u are Minecraft is way more og than fortnite I dont like chipotle i know that but a game of cubes with rules of:break cubes,use cubes,craft cubes,kill monsters of cubes,live as a cube human idea only disgusts me Minecraft does not know how to dance OK lets just agree, but fortnite isnt a goat, but as someone who recently picked up the game last season.

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