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If it has that many players, granted a load of those twitch prime subs may not renew because they have to manually do it (people are forgetfulmay want to use it on another person), Good days :) Ngl almost cried watching it again damn, feels like it dropped a year ago Who remembers when this song came out and everyone in fn was vibing together Moment of silence for the kids who sang this for their talent show The one who knows the song had the best life I will never forget the late nights and the hype of landing at tilted with the bros but I fear that will never happen again I would do anything for just 1 more game like this I guess when we were playing we did not realize it was going to go by so fast but now its gone and it hurts to no this will never again happen H20 part was coldddd when this came out life was good This song reminds of the amazing fortnite season 3 vibes Xr Dread bro people use to sing this in a public squad match haha I miss the old fortnite so much, if you are og Feel u bruv im a season 1 i miss old fortnite Now everyone is buliding a eiffel tower in two seconds Its because of the try hard fortnite became worse.

Fortnite used to be fun back in the day. Jesus what has this game become now I was nine waching this i miss it so much I think hes playing against little kids which is why it seems like he so good. nobody built a hotel when you shot them, but it simply changed my life, i remember being so hyped about fortnite. my friends think i have decived them, now I hope that these Epic Gamers understand what an opinion is before they send me death threats Yh I remember when you were a pro if u could build a 1 by 1 I honestly struggle to keep up anymore JasonV FurryGamer oh shit our hero has arrived He sound more different here and his website Yeah remember that in his last QA (long ago) he said that he used a shitty mic and that when he changed people said he sounded too different and some subscribers complained that is why he still uses a shitty mic as he calls it.

fortnite was right about that part I was actually trash in chapter one be honest but whatever it was fun good times come to an end right also I had Bunches of friends I found Bunches of friends on that and they just forgot who I am to be honest its sad Is still kinda fun but its no where near from back then.

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