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Shits got music website views holy hell, your childhood was awesome Edit: Sarcastic btw­­ Fun fact: The Girl Builder is a singer. H2ODelirious I think i got addicted to this song I sang it like a millions times still know the lyrics from 2 years Ahh the good old days where there wasnt a sweaty soccer skin build fighting you every game Well I am voting for h20 hope yall do to.

I Try Vertexx how I start season 3 and got like 3x more wins than you Yall haters I hardly play fortnite anymore lol I Try Vertexx thats why you have an omega pfp I Try Vertexx so is your channel desc saying Ôplay fortniteÔ Bro hes leaving tilted with almost 15 kills i can barely get that in a good game im glad ur comin back man Nostalgia, sin importar la cantidad de kills que puedan hacer en las jugadas o por como construyen o se defienden o atacan, part 1 is better than that trash part 2 Its still sinple you only have to do 90s then double ramb floor rush and the edit 500384 things and do a headshot and this for every kill yeah it was so simple i loved it ArkiNooKz Tube Now its full off pointless events like the cube and the new ice creatures, that are customizable still look cool tho and will probably get one.

Halocene ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Yes? i had so much mfn fun that shit!

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