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Also that game is played mostly by some guys under 11. Just because thats when you started doesnt mean its og Goaty_Games 26 because they want to be considered ‚cool‚ now dont reply back Im from season 1 and dont play the game anymore al this kids playing all day long and tryharding so hard Season 1 is the only OG Change my mind 4-10 Now You Just Cant Even Choose The Location To Pin CORXY 1003 I got you 69 comments nice CORXY 1003 Im an OG but Im just not that good.

P in the chat leave a like if u miss Kevin For the people who broke the replay button heres some 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 And heres one for me 0:00 edit: thanks for the likes and comments WHO ELSE IS HYPE FOR SEASON 6 COMING OUT OG GAMERS (doesnt play fortnite) RISE UP!!!. He took the game so seriously even people like Lebron and drake played with him Tyland 1129 not that game tho I dont know how this was his best must of been bad players Dxlled BEST PLAYER IN FORTNITE, youre a FOOL Haha throwback to when fortnite was actually entertaining Old times never gonna come back og fortnite I watched this.

website recommended me after i stop playing for 2 month.

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