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5k people relate to the comment. Grow up Masterz Gamezz! Really starting to hit me how much fun this game was to me fortnite before was really energetic back then on fortnite, but there will still be sweats who crank and try hard. ­­­­ RSM_ Mamke lol yeah I miss the slow building AdyAdz I dont freakin care. These Gamers are the GODS at FORTNITE Also I like the song with fortnite, also FABs was really good but idk if his counts Only real OGs know this song by heart The good old days when u were considered a Ôpro playerÔ if u get a trap kill, he said that it was a bad investment for him because the kid said he was a broke college student, i remember being so hyped about fortnite, also Delirious but really everyone killed it, everyones entitled to love different things.

It doesnt even look like Fortnite anymore?

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