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For those of you who dont know, it is actually somewhat decent again, i have an iphone 8 StarGaming Shqip yes i can play fortnite I Have That Profile Picture Too. Its so sad watching this after seeing how sweaty the game has become :( The sniper sounds like an Ar brings back memories Neptune: That was sooooo good. Omg ive came back to this song after 2 years I heard this song in 4th grade and its still goated and some many good time Favourite: CDNThe3rd Please make a sequel cause this is amazing Only OGs remember the shotgun shot across loot lake by MrGrimmz If you play fortnite from season 1-4 your an actual double pump og Lol I remember playing this in class Little did we know at the time but this was societys peak Uninstall the game because honesty your trash dude.

The good old days where I would play with all my friends after school, but unfortunately theres nothing we can do about it other than watching old gameplay lmao.

De plus la communaut des serveurs nord amricain est en gnral moins bonne que la communaut europenne, bring it back Keep up the work and intense 32frags Man this brings tears to my eyes to watch back when fortnite wasnt cancer and we could enjoy it Wow this was the first fortnite gameplay that Ive ever watched Back when you could solo Squad without fighting any pro teams I love fortnite still but damn they game was perfect back then.

Didnt play since season 3 Yep with no minecraft haters or amature haters ب م ب Playing with the boys after football Salahaddin i had a stroke reading that Bro s0 was just save the world as i remember I think you forgot to write (is trash) This is the only fortnite I remember.

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