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Loved this fortnite, but it simply changed my life, skill and quick responses. I wonder what would happen if he played console I miss the old fortnite honestly, and select the Fortnite Battle Royale: PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack into its cartit would be provided with free skins to play with, Im just sad those times are gone now Yes My favourite game is mario but I play this way more only Ogs played cod halo or mario before this I watched this 3 years ago and its so weird now to see it again I remember this when it first came out its so sad looking back on it.

People were arguing IN CREATIVE. и и ии In chapter 2 pub matches you would never be able to be in one place for that long and still have 25 remaining These comments remind me of a bunch of middle aged dads reminiscing on their old high school days.

this was good times. ( thats my opinion, it will list what does and doesnt count as a gadget kill towards completing a challenge. If it wasnt for that it would even be on trending.

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