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I was waiting for fortnite to say: Disco discooooo. Even season 2 was boring, the games a lot harder since literally everything has been nerfed to be balanced(unplayable), but goddamn Delirious part is really good Who else re-watched this website about 2 years after and still know most of the lyrics Edit: Thank you for the likes, the graphics just gives me so much memories Im crying from the memories I wish I can go back and live this time again.

Love it how he literally spends like 15 seconds trying to jump through a window, hes not you just salty you cant sing as good as fabvl he the best PlayStation Gamer 111 Yeah i think too but i think H2O sing better Jayden donnelly they are talking about him just being the bush Jayden donnelly well, fortnite is is shit and will always be.

Quit wasting my fucking time Nicholas Lakatosh Its pretty funny that you have no evidence to support your claim, youre just longing for the past because you were happier back then? LOL you tried to correct me for likes but you played yourself oh by the way its victory royal thats how i say it thats how everbody else says it Bright oh by the way royale has a e at the end Enriching Badge whoa we totally didnt know that Almost 4 years guys.

Looks more cartoony than WoW, then never played again!

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