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good old days Please tell me Im not the only one watching these old website of fortnite and tfue getting 30 bombs atleast once a month So glad I enjoyed the fortnite hype train :) brings back such good feelings Watching this now makes me think how much fun I had as a little kid And now he has his own skin, 1, like maybe 3 times more.

_____ Handsome man nostalgia is a lie. Ahhh yeettttt!. If they had a better mic for him it wouldve been better Deaddy Fazpool I think delirious won The Bush I just noticed he was singing H20 Delirious is one of the greatest Deaddy Fazpool yeah I saw his liked website this was one Deaddy Fazpool this is y mom does not love u Same because I LOVE DELIRIOUS!!!. Only one got the reference.

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