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Yeah I dunno why I went so toxic but obviously old Fortnite was better, bring og fortnite back Omg tru Ive played since season 3 (chapter 1) Thing is fortnite already dead like i the biggest sweat stopped playing Still sweats are leaving no one likes fortnite even sweats hate it What u mean comeback us OGs where always here destroying the sweats like me and my M8 keep on getting dubs against sweats I mean the people who quit or rarely play Thats gonna take a while but i have apex and cod until then.

Thx for all the likes ill be editing for future people tell me if i miss it by accident Sitting down having a cup of tea Uniq Soulx B he is better then you and pretty much everyone in this rap.

Thanks dude man I switched back to normal and it was trash. The friends. Epic tried to hard this game was number 1 Good times, and there were no sweats People are over hyping fortnite part.

Land there if you miss this.

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