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More like late season 1-mid season 4 was Fortnite at its best Darth Maul for me i think it was best from 5-8. 5 years. This came on my recomended page today and i sort of almost felt sad knowing that we will never see this fortnite again­ Its fun watching this in a time of sweats and tryhards Back when this game was all about aim and fun 0:00 hes cracked bro holy that aim was insane omg I cant believe he lasered him lol ­ ­ ­ The good fortnite.

epic K Mit honestly who likes chapter 2 season 2 its complicated Aidan Fails homie season 3 was the best it had everything that we miss When they stop up dating the need to make a thing that allows you to play in any season with the things in that time It gives it a challenge and when you play from season 2 like me your pretty good Its got skill based matchmaking now, they talk about his bars ­­ God damn the boy got so many talents Hobeh TV he says on twitch that hes trash at singin low key love his vocal cords Hobeh TV he had a ghost writer most of them did I think only ceez and h20 wrote their own lyrics Cesar Zawahri finally someone who understands!!.

Good times. I only play 2k20.

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