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The best part HAHA Delirious ARMY IS HER HAHAHA!!!!. I just ran and ran and boxed myselfđđ funny af Dont be like that u could of hurt his feeling take it like what if u got bullied If you actually cried because of that youre a kid XoxMirianxoX Msp yeah but not over a location in a childrens game disappearing.

People are judgemental and thats why people like playing popular games and listening to pop music. Romans 3:23 3. Personal preference (btw I can aim) Yuyu Altikriti haha okay, and still is I knew all the lyrics to this when it came out dude You cannot deny that CDN carried this Ah when this game was. OMG tilted was op dude âď¸ When everything looked great and the game was fun Who else misses those days where fortnite used to be the boss of Fortnite Used to be so fun i remember the old days We didn t know we were making memories,we were just having fun Antes era tan fĂcil echarse escuadrĂnes y ahora ganĂ 1 de cada 30 partidas en solitario I might actually play this game again if they bring back the season 3-5 map Even though fortnite gets hate, Dakotaz and CDN have the best raps.

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