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H2ODelirious lol I think youre rap was the best H2ODelirious bro will you put this on your chanal cuz like your part was the best like fr but dude you killed me on fortnite one time and I was so fucking happy like tbh I was posting up on Insta and snap lol not gonna lie you are the best websiter on god bro like why aint you the number one websiter yet lol keep posting the amazing content H2ODelirious if you comment back to me I swear I will cry Your The Best Delirious ­­­ H2ODelirious you were fucking awesome in this.

Zachary Bastien u know season 10 is the best season Sorry but 10year olds are in all the games at all the times I didnt like old fortnite 1 there was practically nothing 2 there were hackers 3 there were glitches Never got a chance at that type of gameplay I just liked your comment cause sounds like a nice time in fortnite lol True maan im started playing Leuge Of legends istead of Fornite around Season 7 because epic just ruin the game The part of sweaty people their just better than you Every one is 10 once in their life bud I miss when the game didnt even come out with a battle royale The battle passes are always good.

2 s4 I was going into 8th grade when this was released, time to show all ytbers what they was rapping tho DAYUM THIS UNLOCKED SO MANY MEMORIES I will never forget these times. Golden Ghost Gavin fucking same actually Golden Ghost Gavin those are my favorite rappers and also I liked fortnite Golden Ghost Gavin so did I and I dont like fortnite Golden Ghost Gavin I came for the clown himself H2O Golden Ghost Gavin this song is sooooooooo asome ­­ When i saw H20 Delirious I just freaked Law Rains Delirious doesnt really rap that often I swear Ive never heard of nerdout till now When there were all the memes about the Reaper building a lot when being shot at.

Will forever be a legendary website­ Man I miss the good ol days I wish I appreciated this game more back then before everything went wrong Weird to think this gameplay was once insane Well never experience a game this captivating ever again Remember these times where you got top 10 and Your heart started beating And your hands where super sweaty Doing 200 headshot damage with a grey pump?

And Dont Get The Wrong Idea I Didnt Stole Your Profile Picture I Swear I Found It In The Google And Thanks For Reading My Comment! Creat a Crossout rap its a amazing game NerdOut.

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