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Look at the chart, H2ODELERIOUSand FABVL has the best raps in my opinion. Can i repost with credit of course NerdOut. Fortnites beta was 2010 and was released innot just Fortnite but for a lot of things. You probably started playing like like chap 2 season 4 lol The way it used to be wasnt based off how the actually game itself was, but unfortunately theres nothing we can do about it other than watching old gameplay lmao, it will let you do a faster run (it runs out though), but ya he was good as well Delirious army leeetttttss gggvoooooooo Use code 905 if you are a real OG !, 11k is all i get now I didnt know of him until season 6 so gonna have to disagree No im pretty sure the game made him more popular AdRevenue Pls he did not make the game popular the game made him popular Malicious Cheese actually that is wrong, best game ever created in its prime Me two I cant believe he played mincraft Problem is I never went for wins I went for memories All i been hearing from his gta vids is AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH Honestly H2Os part was so perfect for him He tends to use lower quality microphones because he sounds drastically different with a high quality one.

fortnite Fing awesome. P entertainment R. They were all lit, im the last one in the squad.

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