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When fortnite was a fun and enjoyable game Ive watched this vid about 12 hour to 2 hours of being uploaded like I did every vid and I just miss these times so much it was when life was enjoyable and getting home from school watching fortnite stream playing Fortnite with freinds those were the times I miss old fortnite so much man The pump was sooo good and soooo fun to play with the old times It gave allot of satisfaction also Ive never watched fortnite before but.

my team runs over and makes us die :( No season 60 where there is only one server Joy issa she is asking for your name on fortnite I found this song season 5 been listening to it since now I have mako and renegade raider so I can comment and I was also an og red nosed raider I bought a picaxe instead or reconexpert so sad I aint spend money on this game till season 4, but back then this game was truly something, read 0:40 with captions Ur part was best yeettttttttttttttttt Ttraeh trigger kidz when dey salt me increase sorry gotta go double g double pease yar yeeet Triggered trash kids when there salt is increased sorry gotta go double g double peace yah yeet.

So please try and be respectful? One of the best website out there! ok ok I agree with u I just think he should have said it different I mean that college kid probably has flashbacks from ptsd from fortnite roasting him. CDNthe3rd was the best in my opinion Fabvl is the hole song his voice is the best I am crying right now :( The nostalgia is killing mee The sad part is that half of these people have moved onto other games:( H20 DELIRIOUS WAS MY FAVORITE HES MY FAVORITE websiteR Who else lost their minds hearing H20 Delirious in this song I came here because of H20 Delirious fortnite : if you put a scar on my hand its game time!!!!!!!!.

After getting Fortnite I realized I like the fast paced, skill.

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